22 May 2010

Date Night

MS and I have instituted Date Night once a week (starting last night). We kind of made a day of it, so I took yesterday off. YAY for vacation time!

Of course, I got called in for an hour so MS mowed while I went in and took care of business and then swung to the mall to get my hairs cut. The latter was desperately needed.

Then because the state had open parks this weekend, include free fishing, we headed to a local state park and spent the afternoon fishing for whatever we could find. Of course we went at the wrong time of day, but we did get a little Blue Gill and 5 Bullheads. We threw one of the latter back, hoping for something bigger, but we decided to keep the other 4. And because we're such big fish lovers, we buried them in the garden for fertilizer. :)

Official Date Night was low key, but very nice. We went to Qdoba for supper (I felt like I was cheating on Chipotle a bit, but there's no Chipotle around here!) and then went to the bike trails and walked a couple miles chatting about things we want to do in the future - kayaking, theater, travel to the west coast to see friends, travel south to see other friends, maybe go to Ireland or Australia. And we talked about work futures and other just normal stuff.

That was it, but it was really nice to just get out of the house and be with each other. It's too bad we're both still a little sick. If only we could get over this crap, life would be so much better. :)

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Ryan said...

Lol @ the fish. Date night should definitely focus on each other more than the event. Sounds like low-key was perfect for you guys. Thanks for sharing

Ryan @ Date Night Chicago