11 May 2010

It's time for those-things-that-shall-not-be-named again

I’m back at work today and it’s going okay. I’m sort of staying motivated despite a heavy head and occasional snotty moment. MS picked up something last week had that over the weekend. Yesterday on the way home, all of a sudden I was achy and nauseated. Not a good combo. We stopped to eat and that helped a bit but not much. Felt pretty crappy last night and today I just have the sinus thing with occasional cough. I could have used a vacation after my vacation. But since my boss has been traveling basically non-stop for the last 3 weeks I can’t really complain.

A vacation might be in need soon though. MS asked me if my apartment disarray is a norm. Lately, yes, sadly. I explained to him that my life used to be pretty routine – Work my work week T-F, Saturday was decompression day with a run and relaxing, Sunday was church and baking or reading, Monday was errand and cleaning day. It wasn’t always a mess, though usually it has a little disarray. Part of that is I have limited places to put things and I’m a packrat when it comes to papers so I generally have NLPs that I need to sort though, file, recycle or burn. But I can sense his concern. He’s a packrat too, but he usually has his stuff in bins or boxes whereas mine is out on the floor.

So I’m going to look up the Discardia dates (which I thought were on my calendar at work, but aren’t) and schedule some vacation for me around those dates so the moon will be aligned and I’ll have a goal set for when I’m going to do some serious spring cleaning and purging. I won’t wait to start until then – I can get boxes ready and start with some stuff now. But those will be the official dates.
- I’ll get a 3 drawer file cabinet and get my work files in order.
- I’ll sort through my files and see what really needs to be kept and what can go.
- I’ll check with my bank and finance places on going electronic.
- I’ll get an external hard drive and move my photos and important files to that.
- I’ll sort through my storage containers and keep what I really need.
- I’ll get my books sold or ready for the rummage (so this will have to be soon since we were looking at a June 11 rummage) or I’ll donate them to Goodwill and chalk it up to a big tax write off.
- I’ll be diligent about not having so much sentimental value over things that are ancient and mean little.
- I will sort my crafty stuff into a crafty container.
- I’ll have my yarn in storage where it will keep dry but be easily accessible.
- I’ll purge and dwindle my belongings to the necessities – those needed and wanted only, not the things I think I might need someday.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll find some peace.

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