13 May 2010


So I have access to a few new sites at work these days - it's slowly coming on board at least. Right now I can log in to blogger, I can post to my blog, but I can't view my blog. That's where I'm at right now, at this very moment.

I'm REALLY hoping this changes soon. I have another blog that I've kept pretty private that I need to print today before my therapy session and I can't do it at home because I don't have a printer. So I'm stuck hoping and crossing fingers that by this afternoon I'll be able to view my blog.

Despite the fact that this new development will probably cause some unproductivity at work, I'm really excited for at least blogger to be up and running. While it works, I don't really like blogging on email, sending it home, and then copying and pasting it later. So this might be good.

So here's my inaugural post from the return of blogger to work. Here we go!

One note though - I will still continue to not talk about work here unless I'm talking in code. I don't need to be dooced.

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