24 May 2010


My life has flipped. Or turned 180 degrees. Or something.

Yesterday MS and I went to my niece and nephew's b-day party. Em's b-day was a month ago, but they were redoing their kitchen; Zach's b-day is next month but he has a baseball tournament that weekend. So my brilliant sister decided to hold the parties together.

It was a nice afternoon, albeit hot and muggy. Zach & MS hit some golf balls into the field across the road then played basketball. I went back and forth between the house and outside, stupidly having worn jeans so I was warm.

After the party, MS and I swung by the house so I could change and then we went to a nearby state lake to fish one last time during the "free fishing weekend". We caught one bullhead, 3 blue gills (only one worth keeping), and one carp (which I snagged) but then he got away despite the team effort. It was a nice, relaxing way to end the weekend.

But the flip is because while I was fishing, my dear friend Debbie was at the Guthrie enjoying one of my theater tickets - seeing "M. Butterfly". She texted when she got to the theatre, "OMG! The front row!" which is where my tickets are so I don't get distracted by the small aisles or the weird people. :) Then at intermission she texted she was loving the show. Then she called on her way home to tell me all about it.

I hung up the phone realizing that my life has completely done a 180. I now go camping and fishing. I'm trying to fit theater into my life. It's weird. Not necessarily bad, just weird.

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::boobs:: said...

::sigh:: I'm with you...it's wierd, isn't it? How we morph to fit into the situations we want to be in...