13 May 2010

A plan because...

Without a plan there's no attack, and without an attack there's no victory!

I'm going to take next Friday off from work I think and start the process of decluttering (for real this time) my apartment. I have great new artwork via Edith from E&K that I want to get hung up. I have piles of paper that are just driving me insane. I need to get this accomplished and to do that I need to start. And to start I need a plan.

So Monday I'm going to go scope out file cabinets and buy some more hanging file folders. I have tons of the manilla folders, but not many hanging folders. I have some stuff already set up for the garage sale so I'm going to see if Mike is okay with me bringing it out to the house now so I don't have it in the apartment. I am going to take down recycling...if not tonight, this weekend. And it will begin. I have a week to work out more of my plan, but the big thing is I just need to start.

On another note, I have made a commitment via stickK.com to not bite my nails. This means I have been chewing a lot of gum this last week. They look okay after a week, but they are pretty flimsy, so if anyone has any suggestions on strengthening my nails, I'd appreciate it. When they get flimsy they tear a lot easier and that will just make me want to "trim" it a little and not in the best way. :)

I really need time at my apartment - a lot longer than a couple hours at night before bedtime. That will help. I need to make it a priority to set that time aside.

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