27 April 2010

Pop culture

Yesterday MS and I went to see Avatar. We had both heard great reviews about the movie and its stunning effects. I’m always skeptical about these “must-see” movies because it seems like those are the ones I don’t like. I never made it through E.T. and I don’t remember much if anything about the Star Wars trilogy (and never saw the “first” three). So, I thought maybe it'd be good for me to once see one of these "must-see" movies. I'm glad I did.

I wasn't too keen on how they portrayed the military is being so...well, "militant". I know that probably seems wrong, but the military isn't always all "let's go blow things up and then turn around and go home." Sometimes, maybe, but not always, and it seemed to make this out to being such an evil empire.

I did like the Na'vi. Becoming one with the Earth and really centering in on how the whole ecostructure works together was amazing. I think that already exists, we just aren't open enough to see it.

But learning about the locals (indigenous) people made me think about how our first impressions about others are often misguided. One of my hometown newsmen has a blog now that he's retired and today I read about his recent adventure with first impressions. It's so true these days how we are so skeptical of one another, hesitant to step into anything and if you do jump in head first there are at least a dozen people trying to pull you back to so-called 'reality'.

So here's to giving people a chance before judgment. Here's to opening our minds to the wonders that are out there. Here's to loving life. :)

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