18 April 2010


I love lazy Sundays, and though I feel a little guilty about not really doing anything, I'm glad for today.

The church I've been frequenting since moving here had called a month ago asking if I would be a greeter one morning and today was it. I got a letter last week stating I had to be there 15-20 minutes before the service. They also sent a nice little nametag which I was so excited to wear (not).

Well, I was running late this morning because I had to make-shift hem my pants (double-sided tape and an iron) and it took a little longer than I planned. But I was there 14 minutes before the service and I got a fair number of people greeted. Mom had shown up for the service (supporting her daughter "greeting") 30 minutes before the service so she said I was late. Whatever.

We went out for breakfast after to catch up on a few things. That was nice...we hadn't had a good talk like that in a while. I'm working on being more open and direct with my mother because I know I struggle with that. I did talk to her about learning what voice mail means - and she was a little put out but not overly so at least. I think the fact that her current BF had said somewhat of the same thing (like interrupting him talking to comment about some random thing going through her head, which is annoying and makes it seem like she's not really listening) and I commented about her talking to me on one phone and then hanging up on me because her other phone starts ringing. Anyway...

So then I was going to go up to her place and mow for her ... that is until I realized that I'm on call today as a VA and if I can't hear my phone I'm not really going to be useful. This also kept me from feeling truly comfortable going for a run...which probably wasn't good either.

BUT...it did give me a great opportunity to watch Glee. I've been catching bits and pieces because it's been on at a weird time for me so I've known what's been going on but I've missed some things. Alison loaned me Volume 1 so I spent today catching up. I really love this show. I have to watch last week's yet so that I'm ready for Tuesday. The Madonna Episode. WOOHOO! :)

So today I had one of my, what used to be called, "normal days". I knitted, ate popcorn, watched hours of TV shows. I did take a break to run to a store to pick up MS's motorcycle battery, but otherwise, I just relaxed. It was nice.

Tomorrow we're planting the garden...probably a little late, but we're both novice's at this thing. Hopefully we can figure out enough to get some stuff to grow. :)


Anonymous said...

not too late for a garden, we never put stuff outside here before memorial day. So I am growing seedlings in the basement.

Kat said...

Awesome! I'm about to start some seedlings for my hydroponic garden Garett is building for my birthday, so excited!!

Sounds like a good day. Need one of those every once in a while.