26 April 2010

Running, writing and something "r" related

I started running again last Tuesday. The first day felt pretty good, but day two hurt. So I took a couple days off and then ran again on Saturday. It was a nice run then...humid but at least I did better. I didn't run yesterday though I should have and I probably should today, but I'm going to hold off until tomorrow.

The bad thing is I have 3 weeks until the half marathon I signed up for back in January (thinking I would have been running more these past few months). And I should have been running. Between all the stress with Morty and then deciding to start therapy for my mental health, I haven't had a lot of mental strength to get out and run.

What's funny is yesterday I was surfing through some old running sites I have bookmarked and I found one for One More Mile running. And I found a great t-shirt that I really wanted to buy. I didn't but I wanted to because it's very true, "Running IS cheaper than therapy."

It makes me think a bit...maybe I just need to be running more. I don't mind therapy and yet I do. I've never been one to talk about myself and dredging up all this old crap that I don't want to dredge up is just making me feel almost worse than I did before. It's exhausting and going every week is getting to be a lot.

I suppose that would be giving up though and running away from my problems. I sometimes wonder though if dredging all this up is really as healthy as people say it is...it seems to dredge up more than is really necessary.

Anyway...I'm just rambling. I haven't written in a while. On a very happy note, I did finally remember that hulu.com has Glee available so I was able to catch up with the last two episodes and I'm all ready for tomorrow. :)


jillwillrun.com said...

I actually own that One More Mile shirt... but my mom told me that I should change it to say "Running is cheaper than therapy... but some of us need both!" Cause I do!

I'm not one that likes to talk about myself and my "feelings"... which is precisely why I got so overwhelmed and need therapy! And I'm getting okay with that now, but it used to cause me stress and embarrassment.

~moe~ said...

Jill - that's kind of where I am right now. It's still pretty new and I just don't like talking about me. For awhile my therapist thought I was having a dilemma with my faith and God; but that's actually pretty solid. I'm struggling with the battle between me and me. God and I are good, but I need to accept myself as He has accepted me and that's where I struggle. I still think running is cheaper, but you and your mom are right - I probably need both. :)