05 April 2010

Painting, Pizza and Pins

OOB, Mom and I took the niece and nephew (Em and Zach) out today. They had the day off of school and since their getting a new kitchen at their house, it was probably better if they didn't spend the day at home getting underfoot. And bonus: OOB was in town so what a better time than to spend some with their uncle they don't get to see very often.

So we had a day of adventure planned. We painted pottery (my choice) again! YAY! OOB and Zach never had painted pottery so Em and I gave them some tips. It'll be fun to see how everything turns out. I did a vase in the dottery genre made famous by Bethany Actually. It looks like it'll be pretty cool. I almost liked it dull; hopefully, when it's fired it'll still look good. Em did a mug for her mom for Mother's Day; Zach did a tumbler; and OOB did a mug for his wife since he's been away from her all weekend. They all did great.

Then we headed to MS's workplace to check out the firetrucks. MS gave us a mini-tour of the truck and explained some stuff. I figured this was at least some way for the kids to get some education, too, instead of just fun all day. :) And MS likes to teach people new things so it was his moment to shine a bit as well.

Food was next on the agenda as we were all starving. We hit CiCi's pizza and OOB and Zach had a mini eating contest. I'm not really sure who won. I don't mind CiCi's, but it gets to be too much food - more than I need. I was stuffed the rest of the day.

So we went to work it off at the bowling alley. This was a great time. The first round was a little rough for everyone (except OOB who consistently scored a 112 all three rounds). Em was struggling a bit, but by round three she got a strike. The look on her face was so precious - pure joy and excitement. It was so wonderful to see. She had been a little quiet most of the day, but at that moment she lit up like a Christmas tree and was excited after that. We played another round and she got a 10 pin spare (guttered the first roll, then all 10 the second - so a mini strike). I did well too, getting several strikes which made me happy. I need to practice a little more though.

Then it was time to go home and meet up with the kids' folks. We had dinner and talked for awhile. The OOB came home with me to see my apartment and Mom picked him up. It was so good to spend some time with him. It had been a great weekend but we didn't really get time to talk. We usually find time to do that alone at some point during visits wherever we are. We have always gotten along well, and it was rough when he first moved East. But we've done well keeping in touch over the years.

Love you, OOB. I'm really glad you made it here.

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Kat said...

Ooh Firetrucks!

Sounds like a great day.