14 April 2010

So much for that

So I was going to write more but the last week has been absolutely insane. Last Wednesday I had a meeting after work; last Thursday I had a meeting after work; last Friday I had to do laundry and such after work; last Saturday I was actually able to leave work on time (by T-F standards); and last Sunday I had a meeting after work.

That left Monday to try to get my brain on straight and MS and I had errands to run and to take his mom to a doctor appointment. I will say this for the latter, it allowed me time to catch up on the Real Simple magazine which was nice.

But then again yesterday, I again had a meeting after work. And today, I had a meeting the last hour of work which was great because I actually got home before I should have gotten off work because the meeting ended early.

But this is just too much these days! I miss those days when I didn't have as much going on - of course, then I was bored and depressed most of the time so maybe this is better.

My meeting yesterday left me with a task, so maybe I will be writing more. I need to define the difference between repentance and remorse - and then figure out where I fall between those two. That should be interesting. Of course the intellect in me has already gone to that awesome resource: Wikipedia. hahaha Probably not the best but it it does have an interesting entry on repentance in Judaism.

So that's on my list of to-do's for tonight since MS is working. Laundry, packing for a work trip and repent vs. remorse. A riveting evening. :)

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