02 April 2010

Prodigal Son

It's Good Friday in the Lutheran world and I'm mixing up my Bible a bit. The Prodigal Son has returned; that is, my OOB has returned home for the weekend.

It's always fun when OOB visits. He's a riot and we get to have our religion debate just for fun (he's Catholic). He's just great to have around; we get along very well.

And he got to meet many of the newbies to the extended family - my MS, mom's boyfriend, Kevin's new girlfriend (though he intro'd her as "friend" so I'm not sure). And then since there are a ton of b-days in the family this time of year, we celebrated those as well.

The bad thing is his arrival required killing the fatted calf - or at least going out for a huge meal. We went to Olive Garden (mom had a coupon) and ate way.too.much. I love their salad and breadsticks though. Their b-day cake left a lot to be desired. TOO sweet, and I like sweets.

Tomorrow we do the Moe family Easter. Then Sunday MS and I repeat our Thanksgiving tradition and will make up the other turkey we have in the freezer (well, it's in the fridge thawing now). OOB and my mom and MS's mom are all coming out. That will be interesting...entertaining. hmmmmm

For now, I'm stuffed and need to rest. Tomorrow will be a long day. :)

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