16 April 2010

A lazy Friday

This morning's conference ended earlier than planned so SW, MM and I headed on the road...with plans to stop for food. We weren't in a real hurry to get back to the office (not that we had to go in, but still) so we stopped at a little restaurant for some breakfast. Well, I had a buffalo burger and fries. I was starving. This is what I get for not really eating supper the night before. But luckily neither of them had eaten either the night before, so we were all hungry.

But we got back to the office around 2, I finished up some vital projects I had to have done before Monday, and then I went home at 3. After some random stuff, I decided to veg and watch some Monk.

I really do love that show and you have no idea how upset I was when i realized I had watched the 4th disc of season 4 when I haven't watched 1-3 yet. Sheesh. That's not good.

But so I didn't feel like a total loser, I spent the time also updating my running scrapbook. I've had the pictures and stuff in there for awhile, but I hadn't written anything in about the races, so I did that. Some look better than others. My handwriting is not pretty and my original plan was to type and print it all up, but that would just take too much time (considering I don't have a printer). So I wrote on nice paper and glued them in. I'm happy it's coming together. I have the most recent Irishman to do yet, but I'm waiting to see if there are any decent pictures of me from the day per the race folks. I didn't get any taken which is against my nature.

So the best part of my day, besides chatting with MS who's at work, was just enjoying the relaxation of the day and the anticipation of a quiet weekend to come. I have three more days with not much scheduled, and I can't tell you how glad that makes me feel. After last week's intensity, a quiet weekend will be a welcome joy.

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