14 September 2007

Sometimes they talk back.


My boss caught me.


I thought I was alone. I usually only do it when I'm alone and it's quite embarrassing to be caught in the act. It's creepy being caught and a little invasive. But there I was, doing it, minding my own business as I tried to hurry up so I could continue on my way.

And then there he was. Peeking around the corner, smiling a little and then soon outright laughing.

I felt so embarrassed. I was almost ashamed. I wasn't really doing anything wrong. It's just probably not the place to be doing it. And then he saw and heard everything. I don't know how I'll face him again.

Has this ever happened to you? I'm told people do it all the time and that's not a big deal, that sometimes it's even healthy! So why do I feel so guilty?

Yeah...okay, I think I just need sleep or I'll spend all of next week doing it too. And I can't afford to be caught again.

I suppose talking to yourself isn't that big a deal. Right?


Sean said...

Um. I personally have NEVER done that. I think it's disgusting. I don't know if we can be friends anymore since I know that you do that!

By the way, what is "it"?

Karen Elizabeth said...

You were caught flossing your teeth by your boss!!!! Sooo embarrassing. Like Sean, I don't think we can be friends.

um. duh sean, she was flossing...in public. Dental hygiene, while important, is definitely a personal matter, not public.


~moe~ said...

Silly, Sean. The answer is in the post. Did you not read it all?

Sean said...

I read the post 2-3 times before commenting, then I asked myself if I should post the comment. I said yes, so I did. Then I got made fun of and read it two more times before noticing. Stupid reading skills. I need to go back to 2nd grade. Oh, so should you, foolish self-talker.

Karen Elizabeth said...

So all I get is a "very cool desk" comment. nice.

~moe~ said...

Actually, Karen, Your comment was extremely funny especially when yesterday part of one of my teeth broke off when i was eating a twizzler. So maybe I SHOULD be flossing in public. :)

Sarah said...

You all are silly. :) But I love you all.

We need to do something very soon... when things slow down... I'm starting to wondering if they ever do. My parents are going to be here this weekend but life should be a little less crazy after that. I miss you tons and the whole deal of me being closer was that we could hang out more again. So we need to do that!