01 July 2011


I'm going to try this again. I haven't been writing much lately and I really have been missing it. MS will think I'm crazy but I really feel like this would be good for me. I only wrote twice last month, so let's see how this goes.

The theme for this month is SWIM, and I have been swimming against the current for awhile now. Between work, MS, MS's mom, FXB, coaching, running and trying to keep sane, I've been fighting the waves daily. I need to find some clarity and maybe by writing this month - every day - I can get back to some resemblance of normal and clarity.

I have found it to be very interesting that the last week or so I haven't really been interested in the details of my job. Then about an hour before the day is over I'll suddenly get motivated and try to get everything done. This is good, but it's not good because most of the day I'm struggling to find motivation and accomplish things that need to be done. I'm not sure what all that is about.

BVL did need some help the past couple weeks with proofing her resume and application for a job. I'm happy to help her because I know she'd be great in the position. I'm praying she gets an interview and is selected. We'll see. We got everything finalized and she turned it in earlier this week. Now, we wait.

So that was keeping me confused. On top of that, our state is going through a flood which has been keeping us all busy. And we had VIPs visit a couple days, so I was coordinating those efforts. That kept me confused as well.

I'm also looking at another Master's. I'm not sure that I need one, but for some reason I feel like I should have one that I can "use". KC found one that would work really well for both of us, and we could study together, but I'm not sure I'm ready to add that to my fall schedule. I signed up for a training/education course for work a week ago and I need to get that done. If I do decide to do the master's then I need to have this course completed before I start it. So there's some added confusion.

I have a lot on my plate right now and trying to keep it all coordinated is not going well. For now I need to just keep swimming.

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