20 July 2011


I need to write about my favorite salad. My friend SBK and I go out to eat on occasion (i.e. every week) during lunch and one of our favorite places is WSG. It's sooooo yummy. Over the months of going there we have found our favorites. SBK usually gets her soup and salad (depending on the soup for the day), while I get the Big Salad.

This salad is amazing!! Mixed Greens with cucumber slices, grape tomatoes (now, originally it had tomato slices but I kept requesting the grape tomatoes and now that's all they serve with it), onions (which I ditch), bacon (!), and chicken. It's a balsamic chicken salad, so I also get the balsamic vinaigrette dressing. Mmmm... It's so good and WSG has it down just how I like it - no onions, chicken on the side (so I can cut it up into smaller pieces), and a side of bread.

mmmm...I'm getting hungry again.

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