16 July 2011

JB's surprise!

A couple of weeks ago I got a message on FB from EMB asking me if I could make a quick trip to the Cities for a surprise b-day party. Our friend JB celebrates her birthday month and she wanted to put something together in her honor. JB's new BF also wanted to help out.

I thought this was brilliant! What a great way to get to the Cities, see JB and EMB again and get to meet JB's BF. I loved it. So plans were made.

It was great! I also got to catch up with a college friend, Dan, who is now mutual friends with JB and her BF. Crazy small world.

So some parting shots from the night:

1 comment:

jb said...

love love love love love!! thank you so much for making the trip -- so great to see your face! :)