02 July 2011


I decided to do a lot of extra working out today to make up for my breakfast and basically every other meal I ate this week. It might have been overkill but I'm just hoping that maybe every bad thing I ate is gone now.

I started the morning with 45 minutes of a lower body workout. It was great. Then the girls and I went out for breakfast, which was great except that I felt really guilty for the bacon I ate. So I came home and ran 3.5 miles. Then MS and I took his mom, along with my mom and his aunt and uncle, to the zoo. We spent over 2 hours walking around and checking out the animals. It was fun. I got some good pics that I'll upload tomorrow.

After that MS and I came home and I needed to mow, so there's another 3 hours walking and pushing. The lawn at least looks nice, but now my feet are so tired and swollen I'm not sure my shoes will fit tomorrow. :)

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Jill Will Run said...

It all sounds great, even swollen feet, except for the guilt over the bacon! If you enjoyed it, then accept that and move on. And you are active enough that a little bacon enjoyment every now and then won't matter! :-)