05 July 2011

I live in acronyms

The theme for this month is SWIM, so today while I was sweating profusely when running at high noon, I thought maybe it would help me to come up with a better meaning behind SWIM than just the wet, bikini wearing, goggle donning kind.

I live with acronyms on a daily basis so every word should spell out something else - you know, like LOL, ROFL, etc. I'm not a texter of the generation today, but I do like a good acronym.

Sooo SWIM - S W I M... I came up with a couple:
Strong While In Motion
Strength Will Invoke Movement
Sweat Will Induce Muscles

I like these because when I'm running I'm usually feeling pretty weak and pathetic. I don't run very fast, yet, and running on gravel always seems to slow me down. I get down on myself and it makes running even tougher to keep mentally strong. So maybe if I can keep this new mantra - strong while in motion - I can someday believe it and make my marathon goal.

1 comment:

Jill Will Run said...

I gravitated to Strong While In Motion too! And sometimes, when running gets hard I say to myself "Just Keep Swimming" like in Finding Nemo. So now that has even more meaning! :-) Thanks!