17 July 2011

Water works

I read this post this morning on how it's okay to cry. It was a good reminder to me. I find myself struggling some days to hold back the tears because, due to where I work, it's just not good to cry in front of people. And I feel bad when I break down in front of MS because he feels so helpless when sometimes all I need is a good purge.

Why is crying so taboo for adults? Why can't we just let our emotions show like kids do? When they're upset, they show it. When they're happy, they are so elated the joy just oozes from their pores? Why do we as adults remain so stoic and contained? Why can't we let it out? Is it society? Is it just where I live that we have this habit?

What would happen if we did start 'acting like children' in that way? Hell, half the time we act like children with our other actions - not in a good way - so why can't we let our emotions show like this too? Something to ponder...

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