10 July 2011


I think sometimes our world is falling apart because we just don't know how to communicate. While I recognize the irony of me posting this here, I do find it sad that so much of our transactions between others revolves around email or the Internet.

MS got a new job a couple weeks ago and he starts tomorrow. However, because he's been on workman's comp for a bit, he had to find out about it from a co-worker about his promotion. No one called. Then he had to find out he was starting tomorrow again from a co-worker. He called in to check in with his new office and the admin assistant said, "Your new boss didn't call you?" Uh, no. And then...yes, there's more, he went to a retirement ceremony today and his new big boss came up to him and said, "Why aren't you in uniform?" MS said he didn't know he had to be. The boss said, "We were going to do your official promotion today." Yeah, a phone call would have made that work a little better.

It's just funny. For the longest time I thought it was just my workplace that struggled with communication, but apparently it's running rampant. It scares me that we aren't able to speak with one another. Yes, again, I know the irony since I am one of the biggest offenders and one with the biggest issues talking about my feelings or whatever.

Anyway, just some thoughts on this hot summer Sunday. :)

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