21 July 2011

I wanna be a beach

A couple gals from FXB and I went to a beginner yoga class tonight. It was good. I needed the downshift from the tension of the day. Thanks to P90X I had good form and the stretch was awesome.

As we were coming into the end of it all (sts), the gal leading us read a passage from 365 Tao (number 41) about the beach. Paraphrasing massively here since I was half out of it as I heard it, she read how our mind needs to be like a beach, where the ocean waves continue to wash away the gunk from yesterday and you're left fresh and renewed.

I need that reminder (and if I get the book, I'll try to put the actual passage here) because I get so caught up with all the crap from 'ago' and beat myself up over it. I need to work on that and live in the now.

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