22 June 2011

Procrastinating Goddess

Jillwillrun posted this recently and it really made me think: What do I do when I'm procrastinting? Maybe I'm in the wrong career? I don't know.

So what DO I do (which sounds funny) when I procrastinate at work? Well, a few things:
- I blog (like right now)
- I search for recipes
- I read up on fitness stuff
- I log my food (I'm a little obsessed with loseit.com)
- I'm a coach now for FXB, so I try to find things to motivate my team
- I read about running or search for races
- I update my spreadsheets with my budget
- I read up on the news - cnn, npr, mpr, local papers, yahoo, etc.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the main things. A lot of what I do to procrastinate at work is on the computer - surfing (the InfoDesk taught me well), commenting, blogging, writing, etc. But at home it's a different story:
- I read
- I watch movies/tv
- I knit
- I nap
- I bake
- I run
- Or I'll talk about running and then walk around the house for 20 minutes before I actually go

But are these things that I could develop a career with? I don't know. That's something to think about, I guess.

What do you do when you procrastinate?


Jill Will Run said...

At least it makes you think, huh?! Even if you don't know the answers!

~moe~ said...

I know...the thinking is what scares me because then I start to second guess my current career choice. Maybe I should have become a nutritionist? Physical Therapist? Jazzercise instructor?

Anonymous said...

Definitely Jazzercise instructor- most certainly.

I clean, sew, bake and read, read, read when I procrastinate doing my homework. At work the internet is super limited- so I surf headlines on CNN.com...but I can click on the actual stories. Still, its nice to look.

The info desk taught me well for web-surfing, a skill I fully intend to use in a new career as a librarian. Thank you info desk.

I second guess my way of living all of the time- is my life actually sustainable for the next 60 odd years? Is this what I see myself doing in 10 years even? I don't know the answers...I just know I like to clean, sew, bake and read.

Hope you are well!