05 December 2006

Still crazy after all these years

First – sorry to tag you, Cate. You just seem so cool and I wanted to know more. But please don’t feel obligated.

Second – me being me, I woke up with the ultimate weirdness of me and in the last four hours since I have completely forgotten it. So, too bad for you but writing…

Holy cow…it just came back to me. That was weird. (Can I count that too?)

So my ultimate weirdness, for which Dave and Rolf continue to make fun of me, is my way of reading certain books. Since I was little I have had this ‘thing’ when reading book series. If I start a series in hardcover, I have to finish it in hardcover. If I start a series in paperback, I have to finish in paperback. I cannot read one of the books in hardcover and buy the paperback later to keep for the collection. That doesn’t work. I have to read it in the published format I began in.

I know this is crazy. And it really makes no sense to many, well most people, and really I don’t know why I am this way. But all my Harry Potter books are hardcover. Most of my Stephen King books are hardcover, except for the Dark Tower series. Those I can only read in paperback. In fact, my mom bought me book 5 for Christmas one year but she bought it in hardcover and I haven’t been able to read the series since. (I’m insane, I know.)

And now the Song and Ice series I’ve been promoting is the same way. I started it in paperback because that’s what Dave got me for Christmas last year. And since I started that way, I will finish that way. Book 4 just came out in paperback a few months ago but last spring Rolf kept trying to get me to read his hardcover version or (worse yet!) listen to his audiotapes of it. (Don’t get me started on that one.)

I just can’t do it. I don’t know why, but I can’t. So alas, I’m trying to take my time with this book because book 5 isn’t even finished yet, let alone published, and I’d hate to have to wait another year before I can read that one.


Cate Ross said...

How can I be so ungracious when you compliment me so nicely? I'm running around right now, but I'm already thinking about it. Can I still play if I don't forward it on?

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