29 December 2006

Packing sucks

I'm sure JB would agree with me on this, but packing sucks. Especially books. OMG! The books I have are insane! I think I've packed at least 8 boxes of books already and I have more in my storage and still more to pack! And that's just books! (I am taking your advice though and not buying an iPod while I'm supposed to be packing...even though I could use some major retail therapy.)

But it's more than that. It's putting away memories that have been made in my little cupboard below the stairs (i.e. my apartment). It's packing up my life, into small and hopefully manageable boxes for when I get a truck to stack them in and transfer to a new location to start this all over again.

This is truly a moment when I believe that we are constantly part of God's creation - recreating our lives and changing the world. God didn't just make the world and wash his hands of it when God was finished. Nope...God made it and constantly worked through us pathetic sinners to recreate it into something better, and when the shit hit the fan, helped to clean it up and start all over. It's amazing.

And maybe that's what I'm doing. The shit hit the fan and now I'm cleaning it up to start fresh in a new locale. Sort of. I think it was just that my life needed a change. It was time. Maybe even past time, but I think this will be good. And even though I'm packing all my pathetic belongings into boxes to stack and transfer elsewhere, change is good and this is a good thing for me.

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jb said...

good luck with the packing, lady -- you know i can sympathize! make sure you give me the precise packing up the truck date and i'm there! enjoy your last few days in the twin cities (like, by celebrating new years with your friends!) and know that the friendships you have made will continue despite the miles!