08 December 2006

Signing the Magna Charter

This weekend my friend Justin will help a church become a church, a whole church and nothing more than a church, so help them God.

Justin helped begin a mission start church in MI last year about this time and they are aptly named Advent Lutheran Church. This Sunday they sign the charter. It’s very exciting!

When J-man started all this over a year ago he invited me to be a prayer partner with the church: I, Moe, agree to pray daily for Advent Lutheran Church and its ministry for the next year starting this day. I will also pray for Pastor Justin and his family as they continue to strive to listen for God’s voice on this journey. In addition to whatever else the Spirit leads me to pray for; I will lift up the search for leaders, the establishment and functioning of small groups, the vitality of worship, and the openness to being surprised by the work of God.

I have been proud to be a silent partner with this church. It’s amazing to me what God is doing through my friends on a daily basis. I decided this fall to offer my tithing to Advent to help them and to help me feel even more connected. I can’t wait to visit sometime and see Advent in person (and Justin...I miss you, man!).

If you’re the praying sort, I invite you to pray for Advent this weekend as they sign the charter and become even more whole as a church and community.


Bethany said...

I'll add Justin and Advent to my list.

Justin G said...

thanks moe! was a great Sunday- 118 folks signed the charter, and we were missing some of our regular people so we are off and running, already met our goal of 50 giving units per the ELCA standards....pretty amazing what God is doing- will send you photos from the day as soon as I have them.

much love,


thanks for being a partner with us!