19 December 2006

Last day

Basically, today is my last day in the cities before Christmas. I'm heading home tomorrow AM (maybe tonight after Altar Boyz since my mother is FREAKING OUT about the freezing rain and such headed their way) and though I may be back for a quick stop off, depending out tomorrow goes, this is basically it until after Christmas.

Man, tomorrow. That's just scary. I know what's happening tomorrow and I'm excited and scared and nervous all at the same time. It's a big step for me if what I'd like to happen would happen. I guess we'll see how things go. You just never know. Especially since the other is still a possibility too.

Okay, I know I'm talking in code here...sorry. I'll write more later when I know more. For now, I'm just freaking out a bit myself since Christmas is Monday and I still have gifts to find for relatives and gifts to finish for others. And cookies to bake. And flat bread to make. And krumkake to roll. O! the pressure of it all! :)

So anyway, Merry Christmas, if you're so inclined.

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