12 December 2006

Leaving you

WOW! I missed a day yesterday and somehow I survived. Craziness. It's just a foreshadowing of what is to come. Tomorrow I begin my vacation... *sigh*. I'm very excited for this time away and yet at the same time it makes me a bit nervous to be away for such an extended period of time. I hope to do some serious baking, return my flabby ass to the gym, and get some serious reading accomplished.

Cate mentioned a while ago, again, the From the Stacks challenge. Last week before I left for my faboo weekend, I picked out 5 more books to read (I'm already in the middle of 3 but apparently they don't count). So here's my list, in no particular order:
  • Generations of Faith by Carl G Eeman (K had recommended this to me last year before she moved and I haven't read it yet!)
  • Charming Billy by Alice McDermott (this is on my shelf and I don't know why, so I figure I'll read it and hand it off to mom)
  • Pursued by Grace by Jim Klobuchar (found book in Lost and Found, so I thought, why not?)
  • Taking Jesus Seriously by John Cowan (this was recommended to me by Ian and I love Ian so I'm sure this will be interesting)
  • Baudolino by Umberto Eco (I had started this a while back when Jay was reading a lot of Eco books and I haven't finished it, so maybe I can now)
I'm also hope to finish the other 3 I'm reading - the Bono book, Book 4, and the Dale Carnegie book I've been reading. And maybe if I get through these 8 I can get the new Stephen King book. Should be a good time.

Anyway, I hope to come back here to visit on occasion while I'm on vacation. But just in case, I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!


Sarah said...

Oh.. you will be missed!
I hope you have a good vacation and I hope to hear all about it on here!

jb said...

don't forget that tomorrow i'm lending you the first barack obama book, too!