10 December 2006


Not often do I say this, but I am jealous of my sister.

Yeah, she's older than me. Yeah, for a long time we lived in basically two different worlds (she was in college when I was in 1st grade). Yeah, she's pretty cool.

But I've never really thought of myself as jealous of her (except for her skinniness and beauty - she is the looker in the family). I always just saw her as someone I looked up to, someone I admired and someone I really respect and love.

But tonight I realized I'm also jealous of her. She has things I want. She is good at things I'm scared I'd fail. She is an amazing woman.

She has a family - a wonderful, loving, caring family. She is completely in love with her husband, anyone could see it. She is an incredible mom - giving and demanding respect from her kids who love her a ton. She is so 'put-together'. In a million years, I don't think I could ever be as together as she is.

And I'm jealous.

I know I'm coming up a few years behind her in all this, but I wish I was now where she is now. My sister is an amazing woman.

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Cate Ross said...

We are all jealous of our sisters. Be good to yourself: you've got 12 years to catch up to where she is. Plus, you are incredibly lucky to have such a role model.

You send your sister a copy of this entry, to let her know how much you admire her. I'll bet it will make her day.