01 December 2006

It’s like an empty hole

There’s no more NaBloPoMo. I’m really sad. For now I’m going to leave up my Yoda. I did participate and I made it through. Here’s my winner button. Once JB comes back I’ll coerce her to help me get it on my sidebar again. (I really need to learn more about design.)

But okay…so to day is the first day of December and Mom Nature is showing the world she can make things colder than snot. And thanks to Papa Time, today is a Friday ending one of the not so great weeks of my existence.

I must. I MUST make a concerted effort to be happier this month. The last few months have been pretty icky on so many levels and I need to change that for my own sanity, as well as yours if you're reading this. I can make it through all these changes. I’m a strong, confident woman who does not need to smoke. I can be happy.

This month will bring about changes in my life – either I will have a new job in this town, a new job elsewhere or I’ll be still in my current location but in a different position. Whatever decision is made (either via selection or just sheer determination from me) I will be strong and stand by that decision and go with it.

It’ll be interesting. I promise to my faithful 5 readers to be happier, less vengeful, and I’ll try to occasionally be funny.

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Cate Ross said...

The button is easy--go to Dashboard, click on customize, and you should get a template that has "Add New Element." Click on that, and cut and paste your button there. You can get rid of Yoda (when you are ready) by clicking the "edit" key for that element.

Good luck on your new month. This is a dark and dreary month in many ways. People tend to slow down at work, which really sucks when you want them to make a decision so you can get out of where you are. Something will change--just try not to go crazy before that happens!