05 December 2006

Must. Leave. On. Time.

Over the last few months I have been working extra hours…mostly because I don’t have students who can come to work at my normally scheduled end time of 4:30 due to classes or CPE, and today is not unlike the others.

But today, I am really feeling the effects of working 9.5 hours straight. My luncher was sick and so I’ve been stuck here straight through. Now normally working at a desk for almost 10 hours wouldn’t be a big deal, but I deal with people all day long, and I’m trapped…I can’t leave so people come to stay and chat. Most are respectful of my time and work I have so they don’t stay long, but some know that I can’t go anywhere so they stay and chew my ear off - for almost 40 minutes (of course this is the exception to the case and he has mental issues and telling him he has to go doesn't always work). I have to be hospitable so I can’t tell them off, and faking work doesn’t work either. I have, at times, picked up my cell phone and called the phone so I have to answer it but I’m not clever enough to come up with a story line. I should have one written up I could read.

So now I have a headache, my fingers are cold, and it’s unusually bright over my desk today. Odd. But Standoff is on tonight and my goal is to clean off my coffee table so at some point this week I can put up my Christmas Tree. Yay!


beege said...

You could get a little cranky like Lorna used to. People didn't really hang around to chat with her. :)

I've been meaning to ask you (and since I've not actually seen you in person in a few weeks): can I blogroll you?

Oh--and our tree is up! I did it today, after the ultrasound. Doing a little butt dance of victory as I type, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry I kept you out past your bedtime last night. But it was so good to catch up with you.


Sophzilla said...

Oh dear. I never thought of that. Trapped. Too bad you can't play the little "zip it" clip from Dr. Evil. I'm sure you've seen it. (In case you haven't, it's posted today.) I suppose some people would get all snitty about that. ;)