03 December 2006

It's chilly out

At least it's not chili out. That'd be a mess. Not to mention the smell of the beans and farts that would occur.

So today was a busy day, even though it wasn't which I know doesntt make sense but it does. I worked on some paperwork for the office today and filled out another app that I mailed tonight.

And I was told I'll be working Saturday too. I don't mind. It'll be good to get a little extra cash before the holidays and it's a great work day opportunity. I'll be working with the media which is always fun and another opportunity to hone my PA skills. I love my job, I just wish I could do it ALL the time (hint hint, RC). :)

I'm writing this while I wait for my LT to finish proofing some of my work. He's at home with the kids and I'm still at work. (I'm posting this later than it actually is.) I think me and Linda are the only folks around anymore. I like working here when it's quiet like this. I can concentrate a bit better. My LT doesn't understand that when it's a paper month and I kick him out so I can work. He's constantly trying to get me to leave on time, which is a valid cause, I know, but I can get so much more accomplished when I'm not getting interrupted every five minutes. The next 3 months will be good (sorry LT!) since he'll be at training and I can schedule my time a bit better. The new sergeant and I can handle things quite nicely. It'll be a bit of a flashback to the days with KB and I were doing all the work on our own each month for a few years in a row, or the few months when KB was out with Levi and I was basically on my own (even with the two folks in the shop).

I had a fun experience today thought when RC took us to see his memorial museum. He's a collector of all things good and fun from years gone by and this museum is dedicated to Boy Scout memorabilia. I keep trying to talk him into setting up a blog and buying a scanner and digital camera so he can track and share the rest of his stuff, but that hasn't worked yet. I'm going to succeed sooner or later. I don't think he understands that I am a stubborn, red-headed, Norwegian-German-Swedish woman and one way or another this will work. Maybe I should tell him about the blog ads option so he could supplement his income and hobby... hmmm...

Anyway, the museum was super cool and there's still more to be put in. I'll have to take my nephews there if they ever come out this way. They're really into scouting out East so this might be up their alley (and maybe they could score time with the official collector). Ideas, ideas, ideas.

So in the time I've been sitting here I think I've checked our voice mail about 8 times and I know there haven't been any calls because I've been sitting here too. But it's fun. LT programmed one of our speed dials to the voice mail number and it sounds like a familiar nursery rhyme. It's great. It's kind of sad but the highlight of our day is checking voice mail on speaker phone and hearing that. Man, we need a life.


Karen Elizabeth said...

have a safe trip to the cities!

Justin and Anna Grimm said...

hey moe, how you doing? Charter Sunday this week- keep us in your thought and prayers!

Bethany said...

I tagged you today, come check it out.