16 October 2007


Crazy drivers: I have always said SD drivers are insane, especially around 41st St, but Sunday I was proved ever so slightly wrong. Suddenly a MN driver played stupid. Near Le Sueur, the unfortunately named town, there is some construction going on where the 4-lane highway goes down to 2, with a small section where the westbound lane has a temporary 2-lane coming off the exit (so those folks can merge). I'm driving along, following a truck, paying attention to the lane so I don't hit those nice big cement dividers which would do awful damage to Morty if hit, and suddenly the car behind me speeds around me to pass me (and would have passed the truck in front of me too had the lane not run out). Normally I wouldn't care, but did I mention this is on a bridge? Over a river? With at least a 50 foot drop, if not more? In the dark? Can people be more dumb?

Good tunes: I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio Sunday. “Tan shoes with pink shoelaces” This is an old tune from the 50s, maybe 60s. I haven't heard this in forever but I love it. And one day while I was driving to work the radio station I was listening to actually played Chase, “Get it on”. I couldn't believe it! I didn't think anyone knew about this awesome band from the late 60s/early 70s. I have CDs of their music but have never heard it on the radio. I cranked that baby up and sang the whole way in. It was awesome.

Naked wizards: I went to the Guthrie on Sunday to see the Royal Shakespeare Company's rendition of King Lear. So freaking awesome, especially with Ian McKellan playing Lear. Could it be any better? I don't think so. I had also completely forgotten about the naked scene where Lear tries to be as the 'madman' and strips down. Not only was it impressive to see the former Gandalf buck naked, but the self-proclaimed Q-tip next to me had the best reaction ever: “(gasp) Oh my!” with just a little bit of wonder, awe and appreciation herself. I wonder what her husband thought to her reaction. :)

Yummy snacks: I'm enjoying these now because soon I need to get back on a real eating plan and drop the white flour and sugar snacks and subsequently a few pounds. But until then: Tostitos flour tortilla chips – YUM. I'm so addicted to these. And I've been sucked back into the Twizzlers. They make mouths happy but man, I need to stop those. But for now they are yummy.

Getting back into running: Okay so I haven't done this completely yet. I did go out once last week and man it felt great. I really have grown to love running. The freedom, the strength, the power. It's great. But I'm easing back into the big runs. My blisters are finally gone. My two toes that were bothering me aren't as much anymore, though still a little (under the nail and I'm afraid I'll lose those). But I'm looking for the next marathon. Debbie wants me to do TC again, and I probably will (I have to prove to myself I can complete that damn course) but I'm thinking I need to do another one first, to get my confidence back. Brookings has one in May which is apparently flat and fast (I love when courses are described that way – flat and fast - whatever) but it's also apparently windy (shocker!). So we'll see. That one would be nice to do: USATF certified, still a medal and t-shirt, runs by my brothers street so I'd have cheerers and May is a doable month, even if I take the next three months and just sort of run, I'll still have 4 full months to prepare, plus a little). So we'll see. I have to complete a marathon officially. I have to prove to myself that I can do this, because I know I can. I now know what to expect, so I have a leg up on it. I can do it.

Guilty pleasure: playing solitaire on the computer, winning and watching the cards cascade down.


Megan said...

You've turned into such a little runner, you punk. Doing another marathon? That's a special kind of crazy. And I support you fully, you crazy, crazy woman. :)

Karen Elizabeth said...

So I ran the half marathon in brookings. I think they changed the course a bit since I ran it. It is very flat and there is quite a bit of wind...but if you are at all used to running in SD (which you are) it will be a lot of fun. It isn't a social event like the Twin Cities marathon, mainly because no South Dakotan can figure out why going outside on such a cold/windy day is necessary, other than to do chores, of course.