09 March 2012

Wow - it's been a couple days

It's been a crazy week, I will say. A couple surprise death's in the lives of my friends - as in my friends' moms died, so today is Funeral Day. I have a funeral at 1030 and a Memorial service tonight. It wouldn't be bad but the morning is an hour and 18 minutes away and the service tonight is almost 2 hours away. But waddaya do?

Last night I went with Bridget and got my nails shellac'd. She thinks it will help me to stop biting my nails and for them to grow before the wedding. I'm not convinced yet, but I agreed to try it. It can't hurt and it'd be good for me to do something for those.

I realized this morning though, when I couldn't find my ID badge for the 3rd time in 2 weeks in my purse on my way to work (i had left it at work at my desk) that I need to get back into my routine. My eating has sucked, my days and nights are off, and things are falling to the wayside. It bugs me because I'm not normally like this. I need to get back to the real me. I need my CDO to fall into place, my detail orientedness to come forth, and my routine to return. I feel off.

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