17 March 2012

Busy week and great saturday

Really? Has it been since Monday since I've written? It's not surprising, I guess. I've had a busy week - very productive but limited time on email and the Internet.

And I've been okay with that. I've been reading. It's been awesome! M returned to studying for his upgrade test so nights have been quiet - no television - all reading. YAY! At work I've been actually getting projects accomplished. Boss1 was back this week, which is great because his presence "rights" the world, if that makes sense.

So I read "An Abundance of Katherines" and then started on the Hunger Games series. Kari had suggested I read it and loaned me her Nook so I could read them right away. I'm loving those, except I finished book 1 and now i need to download book 2 but I don't really want to plug in our account code, so I need to go into town to find free wi-fi. Maybe tomorrow since it seems M has settled in for the night.

Anyway - today I ran the Irishman, my St. Patrick's Day tradition. This entails a 5mile run at 9am, 5K at 11:30 and a 1mile run at 2pm, just before the start of the parade. I haven't been running a lot lately (read: at all), so I was a little worried about this one. Plus I've been freaking out about my knees and I think my fear of my last marathon has kept me from running. I don't want a repeat of that day...it sucked and it hurt.

Today was good though, other than my breathing issue. Despite kickboxing 4 days a week, my breathing isn't that great, which means that cardio isn't good enough. More to work on. And it was humid today, so that didn't help either.

I'm happy with the runs. And I got my Guinness at 10am (between the first two races). Last year they gave away Guinness glasses with the beer, but this year, nada. Oh well...it was still tasty.

Now I'm just relaxing and trying to decide what to do for the night. Do we go into town or stay at home? Decisions, decisions.

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