13 March 2012

Manic Monday

Mondays have become my favorite day of the week. I know, I'm weird. But I have Mondays off so Mondays are great in my world. Yesterday was no different.

I got up at my usual time of 4:20 a.m. Now you'd think that since Daylight Saving Time was this weekend that this would have been tough. But for whatever reason, I have flowed right into the normal time. I woke up at 4:08 and was ready to go. Kickboxing was awesome and then I came home to attack the day. And I did so with a vengence.

I took a nap.

A 90 minute nap, at that. :) It was great!!! I love my Monday nap time. I curl up on the couch and snooze for awhile, enjoying the solitude of a quiet house all to myself. *sigh* I love that time.

The rest of the day I spent cleaning the house. I'm not a huge fan of cleaning the house, but it needed it. I spent an hour in our bathroom alone. The shower took half of that time. Uffda. The good thing is that I finally bought kneepads so washing the floor wasn't so bad this time. But the house was dirty. Dirty, dirty, dirty. I'm glad I cleaned. I even went through piles of papers and got rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need anymore.

When M got home I made dinner - baked parmesan chicken and balsamic green beans with cranberries. M loved the chicken. He liked the green beans. I was just happy a new recipe for both turned out so well.  Then I cleaned up while he studied. Then I got to read the rest of the night. It was nice to not have the television on for once. I'm going to relish this time while he's in training. I miss my nights of just curling up on the couch and reading.

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