31 March 2012

A great week

It's been a crazy week and a half, but pretty great for the most part.

Last weekend we had our state volunteer/family conference. My friend/co-worker, Nikki, and I put on a Leadership Presentation for all our high ranking folks. Uffda...we threw it together at 5pm last Friday and somehow it still went really well. We were complimented more than once that we work well together. It is true. I love doing presentations and teaching with her. We're able to bounce off each other and keep things rolling. She's a great friend.

Sunday after the conference I met up with Kev and his kids for our annual tradition of painting eggs. Not hard boiled eggs, mind you, ceramic ones. It was a lot of fun. I love to paint, and having a tradition with Kev's kids is great. We painted 3 each this year. Let's hope I don't drop and break them like I did last year. :)

The week after that was insane. Boss1 was back and so there was a ton of catch-up to do and prep for his next trip. Plus it's the end of the month so we had a bunch of projects to clean up before April shows up. Busy busy busy.

Thursday I had a Girls Night with KC, Charissa and Chris - how confusing! KC set up a night at a local boutique that sells Bare Ecentuals/Bare Minerals products. Yes, I went out for a make-over. Holy crap. It was fun though. The gal who 'did me up' was named Kate and she was a riot. I kept questioning the look and she started teasing me, "You need to step out of the box." "Give it a chance, you're not even trying." She said it in a joking way which helped, but later when I started asking real questions she was great in helping me understand the steps. Bridget had warned me that BE/BM products have a LOT of steps, which is true, but hey, if it works and it's not too nauseating for the non-girl in me, it might be good for me to try.

Plus, I like their products. They don't feel heavy - though some of their creams did feel sticky at first, but when I tried them today and let them dry a bit before applying the next step it wasn't so bad. And their sunscreen for your face is AWESOME. I got a mini sample one year from somewhere and I loved it. Lightweight and didn't smell bad. Plus when I sweat it didn't get in my eyes.

When I got home I walked in to the Man Cave to see M. It took him doing the classic double-take and a surprised look, "You have makeup on! Who are you?" He was pleasantly surprised. He liked how the foundation and powder smoothed out my skin and made me look younger, but he didn't like all the eye shadow. I explained they did a "wedding" look so I'd need to work with something for an everyday look instead.

Today, after kickboxing, resistance bands, and a run, I showered up and tried the makeup out. I had some eyeshadow - funny enough, similar colors she used Thursday - and I attempted this girly process. It wasn't too bad. I didn't go too dark on the eyeshadow, and M didn't really notice. Maybe I did it right. :) Or maybe not. We'll see... more practice on that. Someday I'll be a girl. :)

Today was great...I mentioned I had kind of an intense workout morning. It was great. It was upper body day and we were short on time so Julie led us through super-sets on all the exercises with a little cardio to loosen up in between. 40 minutes of that and then we went into an intense 30 minute kickboxing workout. I've been partnering up with Cory lately and he pushes me like no other. It's awesome. We were sweating a ton, which is always fun.

Then after a 90 minute break, I met up with Sara, my running buddy, and we went for a 3.6 mile run. Tons of fun. We ran pretty hard the first mile, and Sara was doing most of the talking - and it was uphill, so by the time we got up to the left turn we were ready for a walk. We walked and talked two sections (not quite 2 miles total) and caught up and talked through wedding ideas. Sara just got married in November so she has a bunch of contacts for me. Yay! We ran in the last mile and ended up coming in at the end of FXB's mile test (initial testing was this morning) so the coaches and instructors who were there cheered us on too. :)

I love running with Sara - we're evenly matched with skill and pace and we can still talk and catch up. She's become a great friend over the last couple years.

This afternoon, M and I went into town to have lunch (I needed it since I hadn't eaten all morning) and we were going to do some shopping. We got his shoes for work ordered and me some more running socks (score!). Then we went for frozen yogurt (I had a coupon) and then as we were driving home I saw the antique store that's in our town was open, so we went in and checked it out. We spent over an hour in there, didn't see everything but did find a couple things that were purchased at M's garage sale a couple years ago - for way more than we got for them. Too funny. I did find a couple of the books I collect - Trixie Belden - but I didn't buy them today. I doubt they're a hot commodity, so I'll catch them the next time around.

I came home and napped while M studied. Now he's mowing so I thought I'd write a little. But now I'm done, so I'm going to go. :) 

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Kat said...

Hi! This was a while ago, I know, but loved catching up with you here again. :)