06 March 2012

Busy Monday

Yesterday was a busy day, but let me finish up Sunday first.

Sunday, after work, Kari and I (and her friend Shelly) went to the musical, In the Heights. I hadn't heard anything about this but when Kari had asked a couple months ago, I jumped at it. Maybe I wanted to prove that, despite the fact that I didn't try out for Sweeney Todd, I'm not boring and uncreative. Anyway, Kari signed us up for the pre-show buffet which was awesome. And the show was great too. It was a nice night of my kind of normalcy.

I got back late Sunday night, but still got up early Monday for kickboxing. After I got home and cleaned up, M&I headed south to file taxes. M likes to take care of that at the local/nearby/closest base so he doesn't have to pay for it. M was sweet and agreed to drive so I could nap. Not that I did nap. I have always struggled with sleeping in a car. I did get to read for about 3 hours while M got his taxes and his mom's taxes completed. I'm starting to ramble, so let's just say we were there about 4 hours longer than we thought we would and thereby got home really late.

Today was beautiful weather. I ditched work early and went for a short run (my first in a looooonng time) then ran some errands. I'm just waiting for laundry to finish so I can go to bed. I'm exhausted. And I'm rambling.

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