28 February 2010

Thank goodness this is over

February has been a really crappy month. I just have to say it. The first two weeks were absolutely crazy and on top of that I was sick. Then I finally got over that and had a decent week - I started P90X and felt pretty good about life. But I wasn't motivated at work at all, so that wasn't good. Then I had a week from hell where Morty got super sick and apparently no one can get him to work right, so I'm basically without a car right now.

I am so excited for March. Things have to get better. I tried to start today with a two-a-day: P90X in the AM and then a 6 mile run (in two parts) this afternoon. Of course now I can barely move. I also got started on my running scrapbook that MS gave me for Christmas, which surprisingly is turning out fairly well. I'll have to add in wording soon but for now I'm getting the pictures and other stuff in, and then I'll be ready for this year! :)

But really, March has to be better than this. Right?

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Anonymous said...

"February was a really crappy month"...that was going to be my opening line for a blog post today too. IT SUCKED!! I was counting down the days till March. I was sick in Feb. as well, along with being super behind at work. It's over!! IT'S OVER!!