10 February 2010


Okay, so what do we give those awesome people as a way of thanking them for helping us out of our snowy situation Monday?

MS wants to give them pie - because pumpkin pie is on sale at the local grocery store and some random lady in line said they were so good she was coming back for two more.

I was thinking something like a gift certificate to a local favorite restaurant or if we're going to do the pie thing then I make a homemade apple with crust from scratch.

Monte said it's the thought that counts. But I want to make sure it's meaningful too. I mean, if we had had to call a tow truck (or as one local establishment advertises it - TOE Service) that would have cost us around $100.

Store bought pie doesn't seem to emulate the importance of it all. But I don't know. Thoughts??

1 comment:

CindaRu and Dustin Too! said...

I recommend the homemade apple. It means more than some storebought thing.
Besides, you make great crust as I understand it.
It's sincere, it's thoughtful, it's not over the top.