08 February 2010

Adventure Travel!

I have always been a fan of adventure travel. It's invigorating, exciting, sometimes terrifying. It's when you get in your car, grab a soda and map and an idea of where to go, and then go!

Well, today MS and I had one of our own. We headed to a nearby town to visit a sporting goods store that he likes and on the way back he insisted I "nap" so I could rest and get better. So I put the seat back and shut my eyes.

When I opened them we were in a small town just east of his place - well 10-14 miles east or so. I had faith he knew where we were but when we headed down a road that wasn't plowed I started to worry a wee bit.

Of course I also had faith in Morty and he did really well up until a mile away from the next intersection and we got stuck. Not really bad - Morty rides low and the road wasn't plowed well enough to get through.

Luckily Gene, Joann and Connie came by and were able to pull us out. Gene hooked up the back hook to his truck and Morty's boot and we had a nice little ride. We were truly fishtailing all over the road and while MS worried slightly about going into the ditch, Gene pulled us to safety.

Of course, then Morty had some trouble getting up the hill, so Gene, Joann and MS had to push me out. But we got out and to safety (blacktop) and are home safe.

It was a fun adventure though. It seems MS and I always have these kinds of trips and luckily we don't get super ticked off at each other. We just ride on through it. And it's great.

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