19 February 2010

Drive Thru Etiquette

Just my opinion but these are some thoughts I had today while sitting for 25 minutes at the Jimmy John's drive Thru...

1. The Drive Thru is for speed and convenience, but primarily speed.

2. In light of #1, if you have more than 2 sandwiches to order, go inside.

3. In light of #1, if you have a lot of special orders that require you to make hand gestures while you're ordering because that helps you to think out everything that each sub or sandwich is supposed to have, first write it down and second, GO inside.

4. If the Drive Thru screws up your order (it can happen especially if you did #3), drive around and go inside...do not walk up and cut in front of a car waiting for their order.

5. Correct change is preferred, but at least get close. A $50 bill is not cool, especially at lunch and especially not for a $2 item.

6. Do NOT honk in the Drive Thru lane, even if it's taking for.ev.er. It won't help. You may piss off the person in front of you who was not the cause, and even if they were the cause of the tardiness, it's too late now. It will probably just piss them off so much more that they'll take even more time.

7. Please stay patient. I know it's difficult, but the people inside working are trying their best and if someone violates #2 or #3 or any of the others here, keep in mind that the workers are having to deal with the idiots, too.

8. Smile! Life is short and despite the fact you're having to spend way more time in a drive thru lane than you had originally planned, think of the free vacation you're getting away from work and the stories you can tell when you get back! Your co-workers will commiserate and you will eventually feel validated.

Anyone have any others to add?


Edith said...

While going through the drive through, don't pull up to the window and continue talking on your cell phone - it's rude to the people serving you as well as the person your talking with...just a small frustration :)

~moe~ said...

Good one, Edith. I thought of another one last night: "Don't get right on the tailgate of the car in front of you. They may need to bail or may have car problems and if every one does this, then no one can move."