03 February 2010

Still sick

So I get back from Hawaii, I have trouble sleeping one night, I crash at MS's Sunday AM for two hours, then again Sunday night I start feeling icky, and BAM! Monday I'm so icky that I can barely move, my body aches, my head is full and anytime I try to rid myself of snot it feels like my head is going to explode.

I'm still like this, but it's getting better.

The bad thing is MS and I were starting our eating plan (SB) and P90X on Monday. Well, the eating plan began (mostly because I didn't feel like eating anyway) but P90X is waylaid until I get better. I have a separate blog set up for my eating and exercise plan and if you really want to read it, let me know. I don't have it linked anywhere because generally it's pretty lame. But it's good for me to document, so I do.

Hopefully I can get this crap gone soon. I don't like feeling icky.

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