12 September 2009

Tomorrow is a new day

So tomorrow I'm running my first half marathon (officially). I sort of ran a half in May when I DNF'd on the marathon then, but this will be an official half with chip and everything. I don't think they have medals at the end though, which is a little disappointing. I like the medals, they last longer than t-shirts and, in my head, stand for something more than a t-shirt. I got a t-shirt from the marathon in May but I didn't finish so I feel guilty wearing it but I like the shirt.

Anyway...so tomorrow will be a first for a half. Maybe I'll figure out what it is that E finds so appealing about them. We'll see. The route looks good - a little through downtown, then on the bike trail to one of the bigger parks. MS is going to meet me there afterward to give me a ride back to my car. Hopefully I'll finish strong and make him proud.


Jill Will Run said...

Good luck! I did a marathon before doing a half... I guess I like to do things backwards!

I have a t-shirt from the RnR in Phoenix this year, but I can't bring myself to wear it either. Something about that DNF omen!

~moe~ said...

That's funny, Jill. I did the same thing - 3 marathons, now a half. Backwards is good. :)

I did finally wear the DNF shirt but in the early morning hours when no one could see it. :( oh well...