30 September 2009

And I'm back at the beginning

So I had the kickass run last Friday and since it's been a little rough. Luckily it's tapering week before the Big Race, but it still feels rough. I have ran all of 6 miles, in 3 mile increments, since Friday and both were a little off. Weather hasn't been helping but all I can hope is that this tapering thing and stretching this week will still benefit me on Sunday.

Thank goodness Sunday's weather is looking to be p.e.r.f.e.c.t. After two years of opposite extremes I'm ready for some nice running weather. 2007 was rough. 2008 was better. So this year, I'm thinking, this year is My Year. I am going to finish the race in the time I originally wanted back in 2007 (but was no where near ready to run that). I will finish strong.

MS is coming up with me this year and will be hanging out with Debbie the morning of the race as my schleppers. It'll be fun to see them along the course. Debbie has promised me Lime Neon Green, not that she'll tell me what that will be (but I'm guessing a wig of some sort). She also has a cowbell this year - bright pink with bling (of course, this is Debbie). MS has an obnoxious cowbell he'll be bringing too, but I just want him to bring a camera so I can get some pictures of me running for once that don't make me look like an idiot. :)

I'm slowly getting nervous but still trying to stay focused. Each day brings me closer. And of course, because I'm insane, I'm looking at follow up races later this month (and there are a lot of options).

I can't believe tomorrow is October. Wow. 4 more days at this time and I'll be home in my own bed reliving the sure-to-be exciting moments from the race. God willing. :)

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