04 September 2009

Filling in some blanks

It's been weird for me lately. I want to write but I just can't seem to find the time. Or when I do sit down to write, I suddenly don't know what to say.

Life lately has been about running, running, working, and running. MS and I did take a break a week or so ago and headed to K&E's parent's timeshare for the day. MS needed to meet K&E and Nika, of course. We had a good time eating at the Wharf, playing at the pool, going on a lake cruise, walking to the lake, and just playing. Nika and MS bonded on Nika's little bikes. And for me it was sooooo good to be with people who understand me again.

Let me clarify a bit. It's not that people around her don't understand me, but yet they don't. K&E have always had this connection with me and I with them that has seemed to just click. We get along really well. MS said on the way home, "They are very protective of you like a brother and sister." It's true. We're family and always will be.

Otherwise, I've had some good runs, last week at least. I had a 6 miler without walking last Friday and then a 10 miler without walking too. It was nice. Then I took a day off and everything went to hell. :) Typical. I'm one month from the marathon (4 weeks on Sunday) so I need to keep up with it. I signed up for a local half marathon in a week so that'll be a good warmup.

MS and I are going camping again this weekend. My family thinks I'm nuts that we do this, but surprisingly (even to me) I do enjoy camping. And it's nice for MS and I to get away from work and yard work and just be with each other for awhile.

And one final note. 15 years ago today, almost to the minute that I'm writing this, my dad died. He had had a rough weekend and he claimed God's promise on a quiet Sunday morning. It still stings that he's gone and I will miss and love him forever. Love you, Dad.

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