21 September 2009

I'm sure I'm messed up...

I have no desire to bake cookies.

What is wrong with me?!?! :)

Just kidding. I really want to make cupcakes but I don't have the veggie oil required for the cake mix. So I'm not going to bake anything.

MS was really cute the other night. We were talking about our schedules for the week and he said, "So Tuesday, you get off at 5:30, right?" Yep, I said. He nodded and said, Okay.

But then I said, "Well, if I don't get my run in before work I'll have to run after work, so I'd be late getting to your place."

He said, "But it's Tuesday."
Me, "Yes, I still need to run on Tuesday."
He said, "But...it's Tuesday."
Me, "Well, I'll try to get my run in the morning but I might not."
He said, "But, it's Tuesday."
Me...after a little bit of contemplation, "OH! It's Tuesday! I'll be running in the morning before work."
MS just smiled.

See, he's not manipulating me like it seems...it's just that the season premiere of NCIS is on Tuesday and we're both just a wee bit addicted to the show.

Ah, yes, Fall is here. :)