17 September 2009

Needing to write

It's been a long work week and I have one more day to go.

It's been interesting because it's a week where I have to work this weekend too which always means I have to work late because things just are busier. Well MS hasn't had to experience this since the last 4 months we've been dating he's always been working during those weeks. Well this week he's off so it's been a little different.

It wouldn't be so bad if I could stay motivated (or GET motivated) in the AM, but I don't really get crackin' at work until after lunch. It sucks because I'm just not motivated to work in the morning so I'm missing out on a lot of hours I could be getting work accomplished.

I've been trying to push this week, push to get things done during the day - resorting even to shutting my door so I don't get interrupted by people unless they know the secret way to get in my office when my door is shut - but it hasn't been working. We've had a few part-timers out working this week and they want to get caught up on their work and training which means they need my help. Which means, my ever-growing list doesn't quite get checked off like it should.

It also doesn't help that I haven't gotten to run the last two days because my schedule has been so tight and I'm still trying to have a life outside of work and running, so running has taken a backseat. Not good.

So my plan is to get up tomorrow AM bright and early and go get a long run in before the morning hits. My hope ... hopefully will follow through with an action.

Oh, and thank you K for reminding me that I need to be writing. I miss this. I need it.


Anonymous said...

I'm not motivated to work early in the morning, but I am motivated to run then. If I could have a few extra hours every morning to run and get cleaned up/re-fueled with out feeling rushed, I think I would work better.

Kat said...

Couldn't comment on your most recent post, so commenting here. I remember that! The weirdness of suddenly being accountable to someone when I'd answered only to myself for so long. It was weird. It actually took me a year or so to get used to it! No biggie. If he's a good guy about it, he'll understand that it's a change for you and cut you a little slack. xo