21 September 2009

Darwin at its best

So MS and I survived a week where I work 6 days in a row and he hardly works at all. I know these weeks are going to come up and I really need to keep my emotions in check. We're still learning about each other. It's juvenile to think that we have everything figured out at this point, a mere 5 months in. But in the same breath, we're farther in our relationship than I ever have been with someone at 5 months. Not to jinx it but there's a good chance this one will stick.

But onto the most important topic. I am now less than 2 weeks from my third time running the TC Marathon. I haven't quite gotten to the nervous or excited phase, preferring to stay in the planning stages for the weekend, of course. So of course, daily, if not hourly, I'm going through the chain of events planned for the weekend.

My planning is happening usually while I'm running. Sometimes it's sideswiped by my other thoughts (shocking, I know). Today I was going over in my head how I got started running and how my running has changed and developed since.

It's great I can replay this in my head, but I really wish I had some sort of electrode or wiretap in my head that would record my thoughts so I could transcribe them here. I had some good fodder today, but now I can't remember much of it to make sense of it all. Hopefully I'll remember at some point so I can get it all down.

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