23 September 2009

Back in the saddle

So I guess I'm getting my knack for writing nothing back...the following were from this morning:

I track all my running on dailymile.com. Jillwillrun got me started there back in January and it's really been a lifesaver for me in the past months with marathon training. There's a great tracking system for miles, calories, and shoes. But the fun part is having other folks track your running too who are also training for various races. For the Half a week or so ago, there were about 7 of us on dailymile who were all running it. I intended to meet up with one of them but he's a little more hardcore than I am so I didn't want to disturb his prerace warmup (I know I'm not a fan when people break my concentration).

But the cool thing is a friend of mine from seminary, Eric H, is now on dailymile. I swore I saw him last year at the TC marathon, even yelled out his name but he didn't turn around. But then on FB I saw his picture with his shirt and finishers medal and so we started chatting about it. A few weeks back I got him on dailymile too so now we can watch each other's running.

The fun part is that it's turned into a friendly competition. We have been going back and forth about the leaderboard (where all those you're tracking show up - those you've "friended" if you're of the facebook vernacular) on who will overtake who in mileage this week. Usually he's ahead of me but so far we've been neck and neck. He did take the lead yesterday but today I will take the lead (mostly because he's taking the day off).

It's great to have this kind of mini-goal setting. I need that to keep me motivated with my running...plus it's fun.

Also was thinking today how Eric H is taking today off from running because it's Wednesday and Wednesday in a church is usually a very busy day. I thought I got away from that, but I have found over the last couple years that Wednesday's are MY busiest day too. Weird how that works. Maybe it's just Wednesday's trait - to be busy...something to do with the most letters and an off letter from the other days. You know M for Monday which is blah - which I think is because it's Moody Monday (though I generally like Mondays, so that doesn't really work for me) and Friday is awesome with the weekend and everything - Fun Friday. But Wednesday is just whacked out, warped, wiggin' out, weird, wired, or if all you have all day is meetings that a wasted day. The other four of the week share letters T's and S's so they don't count at all.

Okay that was really messed up. Did that come out of my head? Really? What is wrong with me? It must be a Wednesday.
It's Discardia season again, and it couldn't have come at a better time. MS and I are having a rummage sale this weekend where we're going to get rid of a bunch of our stuff (knock on wood, crossing fingers, genuflect and prayer). My guess is this is just the first of a few rummage sales we'll have. I know there are more things I'd like to sell but for now we'll go with what we have.

But Discardia goes until October 17 this go'round, so I'm excited to take this opportunity over the next couple weeks to really evaluate my office, my home and purge if I can. Today I'm cleaning and reorganizing the office a bit - at least moving binders and stuff off the cabinets and desk and on to a shelf in a wardrobe so it's not out in the open where it's an eyesore. Then I can go one by one with each binder and make sure it's up to date, rather than just having them all staring at me daily. I need to get a couple file things so I can put projects in them when I'm not working on them, so I have them out, but not so out that it's just clutter. My clutter is out of control right now and this is the point of discardia - declutter and purge. I'm excited for this time. Boss1 thinks I'm a bit of a freak; Boss3 is overjoyed that I'm doing this and suggesting I put things in various places. I'd like to tell him where to put a thing or two, but I won't. (JK!) :)

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Anonymous said...

And now I feel a little guilty that I haven't been posting on DailyMile lately... :-)

I don't track my shoes on there, since they didn't have that feature when I started. Lately I have just felt there are too many online things sucking away my time and DailyMile has been one of the things I cut for now!