24 May 2007

This glass is now half empty

Today at noon, I attempted the 5K once again. I ran the same course I did in March and today I was 1:20 faster. That is, just in case you're confused, I ran it in 33:36. And the kicker of it all, which makes me happy yet in some ways a little sad, I ran it without stopping. It felt good until the end of mile 3, then I was struggling. But I did get a kick in at the end which felt pretty good too.

Okay, so because I am a pessimist, I broke down at the end of the run for the simple reason that I ran it without walking or stopping once and I only shaved off 1:20. Which means I could have walked that one time I wanted to and probably still beat my time from 2 months ago.

But, that said, I'm really glad I didn't walk. It felt good to complete a so-called race without stopping for once and truly I felt like I had a pretty good pace (10:48 min/mile). And if I can keep that pace up, if I did my math right, I would complete the marathon in 4:47:00. (give or take the seconds) That's under 5 hours! Truly I'm hoping to finish in 5:30 but if I can do it around 5 hours I'll be super super happy.

And I got my fuel belt today, so this weekend I can try it out (or maybe tomorrow). I'm so excited. It fits great and with the limited amount of jumping up and down I could do in my apartment it didn't move at all (which was part of the appeal of the belt itself). I'm excited to try it. I think it will great!


Sarah said...

What's a fuel belt?

Congrats on the running! That is WAY more then I could ever do. I'm not a runner and I am in aww of anyone who is!

Hope you are having a good day. Drive safe up to the cities.

~moe~ said...

Fuel belt - see previous post. There's a link and a picture.

Thanks! I'm trying to run more, I should be out running right now but I've done an excellent job of talking myself out of it.

Can't wait to see you next week!